How Important is a brand Promise?

It is essential to make sure that your staff is aware that every detail is important and ensure that everyone understands the meaning of being on-brand. Being on-brand includes how you interact with customers, how you handle complaints and how you help your customer understand that your product is designed to benefit them.

Customers are an essential part to your business therefore when you gain customers it is important to maintain their trust and deliver what it is your brand promises. Change in the organisational culture and the evolution of your brand begins with the CEO of the company and then including more people in the organisation to transform the business.

Sometimes people overlook the simple things such as the way you answer the phone when a customer calls. This is actually every important when it comes to the promise of the brand because if you are giving customers the promise that your employees are friendly and understanding the customers are expecting this. If a customer has a negative experience
with an employee they will start to lose their trust in your business which could result in your organisation losing a customer.
Source: Allen International

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