Ways to Work Together When we Can’t be Together

Ways to work together when We can’t be together

The global pandemic has changed the way in which businesses communicate and work due to lockdown and social distancing regulations that many governments have implemented.

Here are some tips that will help your business through this changing process:

  1. Incorporate virtual meetings into your business planMake sure your employees are aware of how to be a part of virtual meetings by, for example, emailing a video tutorial to ensure that everyone is informed on the new functioning of the business. Try and make the meetings as interactive as possible so that employees still feel a part of the team and can share their opinion.

  2. Some individuals have been getting creative during the video calls, for example, some have changed their background to football games to create a humorous atmosphere during these tough times. Getting your team active during a video call can help create a sense of community without being in the same building. Some rituals that you can incorporate can be doing a 10 second dance break during the call or introducing morning coffee chats before getting down to business.

  3. When you can’t do, learnThis time can be used to take the opportunity to learn something new. There are some online tutorials that you have access to if you are interested in expanding your skills basis. However, if you feel that you don’t want to learn a new skill, you can create video tutorials on a skill you already know and teach others. Creating a virtual space where your employees are comfortable and can express their ideas will assist your business in succeeding during this transformation.

Heather Emerson: managing director, ideo San Francisco
Simone Stolzoff: senior communicator designer, idea San Francisco
Kateryna Romanoova: senior environments designer, ideo San Francisco

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