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Coca-Cola App Store Created 56 websites for Coca-Cola worldwide, including 5 billion 'me-music' digital currency and online polling. 8BRAND rolled out retail and flagship stores for ZAIN in Malawi, Madagascar, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Ghana. Coca-Cola AR Coca-Cola Share a Coke Developed the MNT Songstar Karaoke mobile app, across all major phone platforms Coke in common app We created an online activation campaign for Fanta Booch in Angola
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Augmented Reality on TV

Augmented Reality and 8digital

Augmented Reality, known as AR, is a form of virtual reality offered to brands to turn all print and physical branding in the real world into a digital, interactive experience.

Smart Conversations

Smart Conversations

Smart Conversations is a process that provides high performance mobile messaging solutions that delivers results. This is the only channel to instantly engage customers into conversations.

Mobile apps

Mobile Apps

8 Digital's App Carousel delivers app store platforms, apps, and content management services to a new breed of companies entering the app economy.

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